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Reading Time: 9 minutes The Pantone 2023 Color of the Year is… Viva Magenta! Behold, the #Magentaverse! It’s bright and bold and confident. And you know what? I think that’s what we all need this year. Here’s to 2023 and vibrant days ahead! About Pantone I won’t get into a ton of detail about Pantone and who they are, […]

LAST UPDATED: December, 2022
FILED UNDER: Brand Strategy and Design

Pantone Color of the Year | Palettes + Mood Boards | Ultimate List

Pantone Colors of the Year

Reading Time: 6 minutes I’m gonna have to ask you to stop what you’re doing. Okay, don’t stop reading my guide on the value ladder. Stop sending your dream clients on a wild goose chase to hire you. Okay, I know you don’t think you’re doing it, but the truth is that it happens more than you think. I […]

LAST UPDATED: January, 2022
FILED UNDER: Brand Strategy and Design, Copy and Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization

Value Ladder: the Ultimate Creative’s Guide

Reading Time: 6 minutes Want a taste of sweet blogging success but don’t know what to do? Add these five ingredients to your “meat and potatoes” content!

LAST UPDATED: September, 2021
FILED UNDER: Copy and Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design

Blogging Success with 5 Secret Ingredients

Photo of Emilie Steinmann, a woman wearing a jean jacket throwing confetti and standing in front of blue balloons
Emilie standing, holding a blue ipad and pointing at a blank piece of poster paper on the brick wall.

Reading Time: 7 minutes This post is definitely for you if you want to know how to blog if you hate writing. Do you remember your school-age days when your teachers would remind the class to get started on a project the day it was assigned rather than wait until the day before it was due? Remember how you […]

LAST UPDATED: June, 2021
FILED UNDER: Copy and Content Writing

How to Blog if You Hate Writing

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