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Reading Time: 6 minutes I’m gonna have to ask you to stop what you’re doing. Okay, don’t stop reading my guide on the value ladder. Stop sending your dream clients on a wild goose chase to hire you. Okay, I know you don’t think you’re doing it, but the truth is that it happens more than you think. I […]

LAST UPDATED: January, 2022
FILED UNDER: Brand Strategy and Design, Copy and Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization

Value Ladder: the Ultimate Creative’s Guide

Photo of Emilie Steinmann, a woman wearing a jean jacket throwing confetti and standing in front of blue balloons

Reading Time: 6 minutes Want a taste of sweet blogging success but don’t know what to do? Add these five ingredients to your “meat and potatoes” content!

LAST UPDATED: September, 2021
FILED UNDER: Copy and Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design

Blogging Success with 5 Secret Ingredients

Reading Time: 7 minutes This post is definitely for you if you want to know how to blog if you hate writing. Do you remember your school-age days when your teachers would remind the class to get started on a project the day it was assigned rather than wait until the day before it was due? Remember how you […]

LAST UPDATED: June, 2021
FILED UNDER: Copy and Content Writing

How to Blog if You Hate Writing

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Reading Time: 5 minutes

No need for you to work your yoga pants off to find the next right book to build your biz, manage your mindset, or harness the power of persuasion (see those lovely alliterations — swoon). I’ve got you covered with this illustrated bullet journal spread and a simple list of links below. I consume all my books on Audible because it’s sooooooo much easier on my body to listen and not hold up a physical book (for real).

LAST UPDATED: February, 2020
FILED UNDER: Personal and Business

The 30 Books I Plan to Read (or read again) in 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Just because you can write your own sales copy doesn’t mean you should publish it. Now hear me out, friend. I would love to write your launch copy for you, but I totally get why you would want to do it yourself. You’re a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of girl. You’ve worked ridiculously hard for your money and don’t quite feel ready letting go of it to hire a copywriting pro. I’ve got your back. I’ll show you how to review the copy you’ve already written and make sure it’s going to serve you well. 

LAST UPDATED: December, 2019
FILED UNDER: Brand Strategy and Design, Copy and Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization

Can your current launch copy pass the Buoyant Test?

Reading Time: 24 minutes

In the fifteenth episode of Becoming Buoyant, Justine Hwang of It Just Flows shares how burnout effected her life and business, but how she took that experience and create amazing workshops that focus on connection and creativity.

LAST UPDATED: December, 2019
FILED UNDER: Becoming Buoyant Podcast

Battling Burnout and Hosting Creative Workshops with Justine Hwang | Ep 015

Reading Time: 28 minutes

In the fourteenth episode of Becoming Buoyant, my friend, Mary Baird of Three Otters Photography, shares how her family’s relationship with cancer has made a lasting impact on her life and business. Listen in as Mary opens up about her battle with childhood cancer and the impact it has made on her health as an adult while running a successful business.

LAST UPDATED: November, 2019
FILED UNDER: Becoming Buoyant Podcast

Juvenile Cancer, Fatigue, and Studio Photography with Mary Baird | Ep 014

Reading Time: 19 minutes

In the thirteenth episode of Becoming Buoyant, Erin Perkins shares about her journey as a deaf entrepreneur and how she found her calling as an advocate for accessibility. If you’re looking to make your small business accessible to everyone, this is the perfect episode for you!

LAST UPDATED: November, 2019
FILED UNDER: Becoming Buoyant Podcast

Accessibility Advocacy and Business Consulting with Erin Perkins | Ep 013

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Oh, hi there. It’s me again. Just trying to put myself out of a job.

Just kidding. For those of you who want to update your website copy on the fly, I’ve got you covered. I can teach you the basics of how to write compelling copy on your own site so you can fiiiiiiinally stop feeling like you sound like everyone else.

LAST UPDATED: November, 2019
FILED UNDER: Copy and Content Writing

How to Write Website Copy – Photographers Edition

Reading Time: 13 minutes

In the twelfth episode of Becoming Buoyant, Andie Moklestad joins us to share how she’s found a way to continue to pursue her creative passions while living with lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. While you can’t always predict how your health will affect you tomorrow, you can create a plan to help work with your illnesses.

LAST UPDATED: November, 2019
FILED UNDER: Becoming Buoyant Podcast

In-Home Art Parties and Lyme Disease with Andi Moklestad | Ep 012

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