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for Megan Lentz and Maria Barrale

Custom Brand Design, Website Design and Development Project

Here's how it turned out...

Megan Lentz and Maria Barrale are the two founders and executive wedding planners behind the global wedding planning brand, Vida Events. They have several offices headquartered in the United States, from coast to coast, and travel internationally for weddings several times per year. They came to Buoyant to establish a brand and website that will continue to grow with them and last beyond a single design trend. 

This luxe wedding planning duo is expanding their offerings worldwide. 






button font: LATO LIGHT

accent font: tantinotes

Paragraph font: Lato light

Heading font: Lumina

dark button

light button

Accent and call-to-action text

Paragraph text goes here. Baggu Swiss Shinkansen, pintxos Washlet Lufthansa flat white business class Muji Boeing 787. Muji concierge first-class emerging wardrobe cutting-edge. Vibrant liveable exquisite, exclusive Lufthansa uniforms Marylebone lovely iconic. Shinkansen.

Heading Text Goes Here on a Few Lines

typography usage

Ooh la la!


secondary logo

Primary logo

Custom Designed Logos

Seamless Patterns


about page

blog page

Home page

Showit Website Pages Built from Scratch

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