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Abby and Brandon

LAST UPDATED: April, 2024

iMac showing Abby and Brandon's homepage

float compass cheerful wanderlust upbeat navigation positive tailwinds optimistic deep dive light-hearted journey bouncy skim effervescent rise resilient propel vivacious unsinkable lighthearted effervescent jaunty overflow sprightly venture high-spirited route energetic abyss zestful

solvent animated freedom radiant set sail exuberant wellspring airy embark above water afloat anchored below the surface bubbly buoy up chart the course dock drifting enthusiastic exhuberent faring well floatinggoing places jet lift up light map on the surface pressure raft rise to the top 

rise up shore up surface tension take off voyage wake weightless flotsam jetsam surf’s up soak up flow catch of the day cruise make headway headwinds safe harbor take the helm steer clear crest rock the boat catch wind

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