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The Truth about Instagram Engagement in the Creative Industry

LAST UPDATED: September, 2018
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Did you know I went to school to become a librarian? 

It feels like eons ago, but right after undergrad and before kids, there was this scary time in my life when I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. (Haha — that lasted WAY longer than I anticipated!) During that time, I applied for graduate school at @uwmadison in the School of Library and Information Science. I cultivated the extra-nerdy side of myself and learned the absolute best ways to gather, sort, store, and reference data (in a digital way, not just on a bookshelf). 

It only makes sense now that I sit here with spreadsheets open, calculating social media engagement percentages for my favorite accounts. I am establishing industry benchmarks for engagement, not just relying on pretty Pins to provide me the truth. Did you know some of the biggest names in the creative industry have the lowest Instagram engagement? Yet, I see those of you with <10k followers just killing it with engagement! Small, but mighty, you are wildly successful at cultivating a true community within your industry. You are making an incredible impact!

I am a researcher. I am an analyst. I am a strategist. I am a creative.

I am taking the pulse on the creative industry and the future looks oh-so-bright. 

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