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Influencer Outreach and all that Jazz!

LAST UPDATED: September, 2018
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Old MacDonald had a farm. E-I-E … IO… Strategy?


Wait. That’s not right.

What the heck is IO?

Influencer Outreach Strategy is a word-of-mouth marathon — the hottest way to create a buzz about your brand among your ideal customers. It’s the bee’s knees of the marketing sphere. I will connect your brand to several macro-, middle-, and micro-influencers (bloggers, socialites, niche-celebs) and summon up a strategy for audience engagement. We will run all the numbers, take some risks, and uncover new customer segments.

Who is this for? CEOs who have a sizeable marketing budget and a whole lot of zeal for disrupting norms.

Who is this NOT for? Business owners who lack a mission, vision, and sense of humor.

If you think it’s time to step outside of the box (your grandma kept in her attic), leave me a message.

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