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Launch Day is Here! ???

LAST UPDATED: April, 2019
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For those of you who have known me for the last five years, you KNOW I’ve launched and relaunched several businesses. In fact, you might even be thinking… “again, Emilie?!”

Yes, again.

Someone unkind once told me, “it’s about time you found a real job.” Well, sista, one size doesn’t fit all. My entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t thrive in a cubicle.

Now, I have founded and operate an inbound marketing agency with a talented team of marketing and business management experts. Pinch me! (Okay, no don’t)

Our gorgeous website is LIVE and all the links are checked (though seriously, check out my 404 page. It’s hysterical). Social media profiles are being updated with the new logos and bright, punchy colors. I painted my nails the bold cobalt blue and attempted to dye my hair coral (it’s hot pink — oops). Honestly, I approached this brand and website launch with ONE massive goal in mind: HAVE FUN.

When was the last time you decided having fun was your primary goal of a business-related project?

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