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National Read a Book Day

LAST UPDATED: September, 2018
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Hey, Y’all! (I’m practicing since we’re moving down south soon) ?

I was talking to Aaron, my better half, the other day about how long it has been since we have read a physical book…fiction…for fun…

Let’s just say it’s an embarrassingly-long time. BK. Before kids.  

Now don’t get me wrong. We both consume literary content, but it almost always in audio or digital formal and it is educational in nature. It’s almost as if we loved college so much we couldn’t help but keep studying foreverrrrrrr (visualize Sandlot scene here).

The truth is, we did love college and we do love learning. Our kids will likely become academics as well (could be worse?!). But back on topic of the F-words:

Fiction. for. Fun. 

 What are your favorite fiction books that sweep you away into another world? I’m thinking Harry Potter for adults. Does anything like that exist? I’ll take all the recommendations! 

And here’s one I’ll dish out… my new favorite fiction book, albeit digital on Wattpad:

 Ellie is Cool Now by Victoria Fulton and Faith McClaren

 I can totally relate to Ellie, although I don’t think I can call myself “cool” yet. Still a nerd. ? Go check out Ellie on Wattpad and leave some *stars* at the end of each chapter. ?????

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