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I Got Yelled at… in a Starbucks ???

LAST UPDATED: October, 2018
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Do you ever get an itch in your fingertips, where you feel like you are burning to write and your browser just won’t load fast enough? Or, let’s kick it old school and think back to the time when you had so much you wanted to write but your hand would cramp up so badly you needed to stop. Sorry for invoking the painful memories, Friend. lol

Does this happen to you too? Please tell me I’m not alone!

If you’ve been following along, you may remember I moved my family cross-country from Wisconsin to Florida this past week. Woohoo — we narrowly missed the cold weather! Well, with that being said, we’ve run into a few minor snags along the way: the biggest of which is #comcast. We have a brand-spankin-new house, which means Comcast needs to come out and connect cable/internet before we can access the interwebs. Since this is the fourth freakin’ house we’ve owned, we are completely and painfully aware of how this process works. It’s just that Comcast has failed to provide this hookup service during three appointments. Let’s hope appointment number four goes smoothly this Thursday.

Long story short, I have been unpacking boxes and arranging furniture vigorously with this burning need to get on my computer (connect to the internet) and write write write. I have SO much to tell you! So for now, I am helping keep @starbucks in business (getting yelled at for putting my feet on what I thought was a footstool — it’s not ???) by drinking iced hazelnut lattes like they’re going out of style.

I promise — you’ll be hearing a LOT more from me soon! XOXO, Emilie

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