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LAST UPDATED: October, 2017
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I can hardly believe it is nearing the end of October already. I got a Freeze Warning notification on my phone. One thing I can tell you is that despite being born and raised in Wisconsin, I am absolutely not ready for winter.

Winter is one of those times in which everything turns a dull gray. The grass dies, the leaves fall and the low-hanging clouds move in. The birds and butterflies migrate south with our neighbors. Everyone else bundles up and hibernates inside for the long season between Halloween and Easter. To me, it’s a dreaded five months out of the year and I have never acclimated well.
If you’re anything like me, your body aches more than usual, you gain unnecessary weight, you move your body less, and your mental health suffers. Worst of all, your ambition takes a spiraling nosedive into an icy pond and you can only hope there is a parachute to slow the fall before you burst into flames. I jest, kind of.
Okay, so I am thirty now and have survived three decades of Midwestern winters without actually dying a dramatic death. Even more so, I have managed to survive several years with a nagging chronic illness and keep my business afloat. So while I am not exactly “thriving” in the buoyant sense, I am ah-ah-ah-ah stayin’ alive.

  1. Plan one warm weather vacation in the second half of the winter season. You need to give yourself something to look forward to: thawing out!
  2. Get your annual physical and ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D, B12, Ferritin and Magnesium levels. If any of these are too low, you’re going to feel sluggish.
  3. Move every single day. You don’t have to go nuts by any means, but you need to do at least something. I love stretching and getting the blood flowing with restorative yoga.
  4. Form an intentional support circle. (I will talk more about this in future blogs — stay tuned). If you check in with your crew, make plans to have coffee or go mall walking, you’re going to feel a human connection and prevent yourself from turning into a fuzzy little groundhog.
  5. Let there be light! Open your curtains, put citrus scents in your essential oil diffuser, and buy fresh flowers and/or plants. For extra oomph, get yourself a handy dandy “SAD” Light. SAD = Seasonal Affected Disorder

Most importantly, if you EVER feel like you have been affected by the winter blues for more than just a few days, call your primary care provider’s office to schedule a time to chat. Of course, I am here as a friend to provide a listening ear, but I am not a trained medical professional and want to make sure you are taking the absolute best care of your mind and body. 

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