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Hello! Is it Me You’re Looking for?

LAST UPDATED: October, 2018
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So tell me… what came to your mind when you read the last line?

A // Lionel Richie

B // The fabulous Lady Glittersparkles from the Trolls movie

I knew it! Lady Glittersparkles it is! I don’t think I’ve admitted this publicly yet (or have I?), but my favorite thing to listen to while working is the Trolls soundtrack. A very close second is the soundtrack from Despicable Me. I can totally imagine I am not alone in this, because after all… who on earth doesn’t like Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel, Anna Kendrick, and Pharrell?!

Here’s the next question, Friends: which song makes you break out into full-blown embarrass-the-kids car karaoke?

A // Happy by Pharrell

B // Can’t Stop the Feeling! by Justin Timberlake

C // Get Back Up Again by Anna Kendrick

But whatever you do, please don’t tell me you’re still jammin’ out to Let it Go. Yikes. ? Kidding. Frozen still has its place — just not in my Kia Soul. Haha!

Let me know — what are your go-to songs to pump you up for your workday? What gets you in the mood faster than a few shots of espresso? I want to compile a playlist for you all!

XOXO, Emilie

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