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Gratitude and How I Forgot All About It

LAST UPDATED: November, 2017
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I hope you read the title and thought, “That Emilie… she’s such a jerk.” Haha!
Just kidding — I really hope you don’t think that. In fact, in a journaling exercise I was working on just a few minutes ago, I identified myself as a philanthropist first and an entrepreneur second. So hopefully, a jerk, I am not.
But then how on earth did I forget about something so important as gratitude?
Here’s how: On November 1st, I began listing what I was grateful for in my Brave and Bubbly Insiders group on Facebook. It seemed like a great way to engage my members and help inspire them to feel grateful too. But then, I failed. 
I shared two days in a row and then COMPLETELY FORGOT. Here we are, two weeks into the month and I forgot to post! Oops!
How did I let this happen? Honestly, I didn’t feel as connected to the “mission” of the gratitude challenge as I anticipated. It’s truly not because I am a jerk, but because I am so incredibly grateful every day. It just seemed frivolous to write it all out just because it is the month in which Thanksgiving occurs.
So here’s where I am going to revamp the #gratitudechallenge and keep it super simple for everyone:
Live Life with a Grateful Heart
The End. That is all you need to do. You don’t need a certain platform or a fancy journal (though I do love that). You don’t need to find a special time of day in which meditation works. You don’t need an accountability partner. Live your life, inside and out, from a place of gratitude.

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