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The Top 5 Subject Lines You Can Use Today

LAST UPDATED: August, 2019
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When I first started my glass art business eons ago, I had absolutely NO idea how to run a business. In fact, I Googled my way through the first year of it. #noshame


“How to register an LLC?”

“How does sales tax work?”

“Cheap logo designs”


My brain wasn’t even remotely on the idea of talking to my audience. In fact, I hadn’t even thought of identifying who my target market should be. I just knew I had a creative passion and I could share it with the world… and make money doing it!

Goodbye, cubicle! Goodbye, fluorescent lights!


So what I should have been Googling back in the day was:


“Marketing Plan Template”

“Ideal Client Profile”

“Email Marketing Tips”


Want to know a scary truth? 


I never ended up using email marketing in my glass art business, even in my final year. I was so focused on trying to design flawless products that I never paid attention to what my audience actually wanted. *Hint: massive disconnect lead to failure


When I serendipitously collided with the conversion copywriting world, I feel like the Universe was smacking me right upside the head. Like…


HELLOOOOOO, Emilie! Know your people. Engage with your people. Pour into your people. It’s not all about youuuuu.


Long story short, I closed my struggling art business because I failed to connect using the powerful words I had right inside of me. I don’t want that to happen to you, too. 


I created this sweet little guide to make it easier for you to reach out to your audience and make that real-life human connection… bridge that communication gap.


Your people are waiting to hear from you. I promise.

Do you ever cringe when it comes to sharing about your business online? I've got you. Sign up below to learn the most effective ways to position and promote your services… without the burnout. 

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