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Where on Earth Did You Come From?

LAST UPDATED: September, 2018
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This week, I did an awkward little squeal when I saw an inquiry come in for my copywriting services from someone I had never met before. Okay, okay, that would be the vast majority of my clients. But even after all these years of being in business, I still get that magical feeling of gratitude when someone other than my close relatives love what I am putting out into the world.

It might sound silly to say, but knowing I am needed fills me with incredible amounts of joy. I love serving others (and I truly, madly, deeply mean it). I am just glad I can serve others in a way that ignites my creative soul as well.

So back to this prospective client… She filled out the contact form on my website, which is brilliantly powered by Honeybook, and indicated she found me on Facebook. You guys. Facebook. I have basically given up on Facebook as a business tool because let’s be honest — it is hard to get noticed in such a noisy space. It sometimes feels like dropping your two cents into an abyss.

Ultimately, getting noticed and getting booked comes down to having a stellar Inbound Marketing plan. Do you have one?

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