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Living Intentionally and Chronic Fatigue with Carey Osenbau | Ep 010

LAST UPDATED: October, 2019
FILED UNDER: Becoming Buoyant Podcast

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Welcome to the Becoming Buoyant podcast, where we’re all about sharing our stories as entrepreneurs with chronic illnesses, making the invisible visible and breaking stigmas along the way. 

In the tenth episode of Becoming Buoyant, Carey Osenbau joins us to share how she successfully built (and niched down) in her Shopify web design business while managing chronic fatigue due to hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, and food allergies. She has learned how to structure her days and weeks to make sure she always has nourishing food available and time for real self-care. She also shares her thoughts on developing “scar tissue” in business and what that means for our clients or customers.

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Welcome to the Becoming Buoyant podcast where we’re all about sharing our stories as entrepreneurs with chronic illnesses, making the invisible visible, and breaking stigma’s along the way. In each episode, you’ll learn from expert guests exactly what it takes to build a meaningful and sustainable business without sacrificing self care. We want you to shine your bright light on the world, friend, and are honored to be part of your creative life giving journey. Let’s dive in, shall we?

This is the Becoming Buoyant podcast with Emilie Steinmann, episode #10.




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